We go nuts when we plan themed events! 

Seriously, we do. Film/Art deco gatherings, Haloween parties, Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas parties, you name it! We go the whole nine yards to create an out-of-this-world experience. You may find yourself dinning with old pirate skeletons from the 17th century, or wrapped in lush drapery from the roman empire surrounded by Meditarranean arts and relics, the options are truly endless.  


Summer Quinceanero

We put together this bright, lovely quinceanero for one of our clients' daughter. We played with a variety of teal and blue shades to contrast the warm and balmy summer temperatures and design a 360 bar to accommodate our guests and quench their thirst with chilled Pina Coladas and a specially made Blue Citrus Punch. Our menu was a bold fusion of Puerto-Rican traditional dishes, bright Asian cuisine and hearty Italian flavors to please every palette. Tasty hor d'oeuvres were passed and dessert was a mix of passed and stationary options to please both adults and kids. 


Masquerade Ball

Drawing inspiration from European celebrations from the 15th century, we created this mysterious and glamorous black and white masquerade night for one of our clients at her lovely upstate home. We hand-crafted different masks and actively used them as design elements throughout the space, and even painted our staff's faces for an added effect of elegance.