Ideas transformed into stunning events. 

It starts with an idea, a vision and it slowly evolves into an event. Classy and quiet or bright and vibrant, we'll find the right venue and the appropriate entertainment to create the perfect mood. We let our creativity run wild to create a signature look, and bring your vision to life. 

"Modern meets Traditional" 

Tasked with creating a modern yet traditional dinner gathering for one of our clients, We designed this inviting and pleasent atmosphere with a quiet color palette and customed lighting for a traditional and vintage look, white and off white shades were used to create a sense of cleanliness and modernism. Those were complimented by the use of purple and green hues, which helped consolidate our "Modern meets Traditional" approach

Garden "Beach" Party

We were more than happy to collaborate with one of our awesome clients and create this raw, beach-inspired garden party. We created hand-written menus to tie in with the overall theme of the event. Three different food stations provided our guests with diverse meal options and a green bar quenched their thirst! We incorporated seashells, fishing nets, and vintage lanterns, which created a rustic, nautical ambiance and transported our guest from fast-paced New York to leisurely Nantucket Island.

Sandals-optional brunch

For this balmy and summery brunch, we drew inspiration from nature and sea shells, integrated bright colors, and raw textures into our design palette and complemented them with fresh, locally outsourced sea food and refreshing, light drinks.

"Around the world" birthday party

For her 70th birthday, our client wanted to celebrate with a bang! She'd traveled around the world and wanted something that could convey and capture all her travel experiences. We partnered with our great friends at Above and Beyond Catering and created different, costumed "country tables." Each table has its own personality, highly supported by matching colors and textures.